When I first embarked on my trip, I never thought that I would have needed a holiday; I was going to be on a permanent holiday! But, I had read about people becoming tired from travelling too fast and from just being on the road for an extended period of time, and after more than 14 months of travel, I wanted a holiday. I was by no means sick of travelling, but I wanted to recharge the batteries, so to speak, before continuing on. Thanks to my amazing friend Victoria (whom I previously mentioned here) and her sister, Stephanie, who works for a middle-eastern based airline, I was able to book a heavily discounted around-the-world ticket. I could literally go anywhere in the world for a two-week ‘break’ before heading to Brasil for Carnival, and I decided that I wanted to spend it with family and friends back at home in Australia. If it was not for that ticket, I would not have been able to go home and I am forever grateful to both Victoria and Stephanie.

IMG_4052Australia Day 2015

Following my month in Africa (Morocco and Egypt), I spent a couple of weeks in Germany with Dario and his family in the small northwestern town of Hilter for Christmas and New Year. It was great to have a home and meet his family; he lived with me for a couple of weeks before I left Australia to travel. I also spent a couple of weeks in France with Lise, who came to Egypt with me, and whilst I spent a lot of time chilling out at her place in Paris, we also went to Val Thorens in the south of France for a few days of skiing! I would have never imagined that I would have a holiday at home, but it was happening, and I was nervous. I had been away for a long time, and there was no doubt in my mind that things would have changed. Given the creature comforts of home, I was also nervous that I would not want to leave again, despite burgeoning desires to accomplish more from my trip. I made sure I had my ticket booked from Paris to Perth to Sao Paulo, and with a clear end date there would be no backing out!

IMG_4209 copyHanging out with my folks!

I surprised my family and friends by turning up on their doorsteps, which was by far the best part of returning home. I did not tell anyone I was going back and it certainly shocked all! I spent most of the two weeks catching up with family and friends with numerous dinners and parties, and I also spent a lot of time down at the beach, which is my favourite thing to do in Perth. DCIM100GOPROGOPR0079. In the end, I need not have been nervous about returning home. Yes it was a shock to the system, and things had changed, but when I was with my family and friends, it was like I had never left. I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday at home and definitely felt recharged and ready to hit the road again. I was craving more excitement and adventures and it was clearer than ever that home would always be there. I am not missing out on anything by doing what I am doing, but I would forever regret not trying to accomplish my goals on the road.

IMG_4211Chao Australia!