After leaving Colombia, and South America for the second time on this round-the-world trip, I again headed for the United States, but the west coast on this occasion. Victoria and I were headed for Los Angeles and to the wedding of one of her friends, Melissa.

IMG_8364Santa Monica Pier

We arrived a week before the big day, which was just enough time to take in the sites of LA and buy a much-needed suit. Victoria was buzzing given it was her first time in California and it had always been a dream of her’s to see Hollywood. We were also joined by another one of her friends in Megan, who was kind enough to put us up in some lavish hotels in LA and Vegas!


No trip to the City of Angels is complete without a visit to Sin City and we road tripped out to the desert to party it up in style in Vegas. We definitely looked out of place as two scruffy backpackers staying in a $1,200 per night suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel that is usually afforded to high rollers! It was my third time in Vegas and it’s a place you need to definitely see once in your lifetime. Extravagant hotels and casinos built in the middle of the desert with a no-rules attitude. It’s not even remotely close to being near top of my favourite places, but it’s just a site to be seen.

IMG_8376Shooting hoops at Venice Beach – dream come true!

Next up was the ‘Jack and Jill’ party ahead of the wedding. It wasn’t your traditional separate bachelor and bachelorette parties, but instead a party bus to San Diego from LA followed by a party and cruise around San Diego on a yacht worth $20 million. Yeah, we were living it up! Jumping off the roof was the highlight of the day for me. It was equivalent to the third or fourth storey of a building and the buzz I had afterwards was intoxicating.

IMG_8425Stunning Wedding in Malibu

For those of you who have me on snapchat will know how unbelievable the wedding and reception was. If you don’t, my username is @JTeeza and you should add me! The reception was something out of a fairytale and was held at Malibu Rocky Oaks – the mansion used in the film The Hangover 3. We decided spontaneously to drive up to San Francisco after the wedding because we found some cheap flights to Mexico from Oakland and also because, why not?! Thanks to Audrey, whom I first met in Argentina and then again in Brasil, for putting us up whilst we played tourists!

IMG_8416Kitted up with Victoria, Mrs Harding and Stephanie

After 17 days of luxury in the US, it was time to go back to being a backpacker; eating pasta and sauce most days and sharing a dorm room with at least six other people. It was great to catch up with friends and family and also meet new ones along the way. Another added bonus is that my driving on the right-hand side of the road is now second nature after clocking up some serious kilometers, or should I say miles. Vamos a Mexico!

IMG_8662Golden Gate Bridge